Doctoral Dissertations

If you are interested in writing a legal doctoral dissertation (Dr. iur. or Ph.D. in Law) with one of the professors at the Institute for Economic Law, before contacting the professor, you should review the regulations and clarify with the Dean's office whether you meet the formal requirements for admission to doctoral studies at the Faculty of Law at the University of Bern.

If the formal admission requirements are met, then the professor may be contacted directly, with an email detailing (i) the candidate's motivation, (ii) that the requirements for formal admission to the doctoral program have been met, (iii) the nature of the financing of the project, and (iv) a description of the proposed topic.  Please enclose a current curriculum vitae and transcripts from the Bachelor's and Master's studies, as well details of any further legal studies, e.g. LL.M. studies.  Once contacted, the professor will then decide how to proceed.